Melbourne Dai Loong Registration

Dear Supporters and Leg Volunteers of Dai Loong

Happy New Year to you All again.

May it bring us all, New Hopes, New Aspirations and Very Importantly, New Beginning with Good Health.

We hope that 2024 was a good start for you. It is now time to prepare for the Moomba Parade; we are excited and happy to advise that the Millennium Dragon will be participating in the 2024 Moomba Parade. The Millennium Dragon is always one of the highlights of the Parade and we look forward to bringing it out, with your help.

Dragons have paraded in the streets of Melbourne since Federation Day and we thank you for your support and for some of you, for years and years – truly appreciated and we are grateful that you have volunteered to ensure that the tradition of the Dragon Parades would carry on. The MDLA Lion Team will be awakening the Big Dragon, “dancing” around to ward off any “undesirable elements”.

For us to proceed with the Dragon Parade at Moomba, we rely on your help and support as Volunteers. To ensure that we have enough participants and to also help with planning in line with any COVID or other safety requirements, please register your intention to participate by 28 February 2024 (see above link please).

Melbourne Dai Loong Moomba Parade
Monday, 11 March 2024
Kindly gather at the Chinese Museum, 22 Cohen Place BY 8.45 a.m. please

We do have a duty of care and with the new guidelines and protocols, there will be some new procedures to be followed. This is not mandatory and it is not compulsory but for everyone’s safety and health, we hope you will willingly adhere to the following procedures.

COVID safety procedures and requirements

For Everyone’s safety, all Participants coming to the Chinese Museum to participate in the Parade are required to:

  1. Check your name off our list or register your name and contact number/email if it is not there.
  2. Please ensure that you have your runners on (no slippers, no sandals – proper runner shoes please).

Due to the Association being required to have a duty of care to its Participants, it restricts participation to:

  • Boys & Girls over 12 years to carry banners, animals and lanterns;
  • Boys & Men over 16 years old to be the “Legs” of the Dragon;
  • Or if the Committee’s Representatives, in their judgement, deem any Applicant (un)/suitable to participate.

All uniforms will be issued to all Participants (except footwear). Please come wearing white runners.

Anyone not in our MDLA Uniforms (T-shirt, etc) will not be allowed to join in the Parade – as per strict instructions from the Moomba Organisers (including parents/carers). This is for the safety/security reason.runners.


Lunch will be provided free-of-charge to Participants only, after the Parade. Should your partners, parents or friends wish to join you in the meal, a subsidised charge of $20.00 is payable.

We thank you for your support – truly appreciate and grateful that you have volunteered to ensure that the tradition of the Dragon Parades would carry on.

Sun Nin Fai Lok / Xin Nian Kuai Le/ Gong Hei Fatt Choy / Happy Chinese New Year
Miss Eng Lim JP, President
Melbourne Dai Loong Association Inc

It is VERY Important for you to confirm your attendance; please respond by Wednesday, 28 February 2024.

Melbourne Dai Loong Registration
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